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Private Sessions in Functional Integration®

Feldenkrais Functional Integration® works by generating useful sensory-motor information for your brain that can improve your body’s organization, posture and ability to move comfortably. Because the information is so valuable, your brain pays attention immediately and utilizes the new information throughout your body.


As old, painful or self-restrictive habits of posture and movement begin to change, new neural pathways develop and you gain access to new, better options for your posture, organization and movement. Because each client has his or her own unique habits of posture and movement, each Feldenkrais treatment is unique.


Feldenkrais Functional Integration® is hands-on developmental movement, done fully clothed on a massage-type table. Feldenkrais lessons are approximately  45 minutes. Sessions are specific to your individual issues and are deeply relaxing, easy, gentle, and comfortable.


Gentle, novel, easy, unusual, interesting movements direct your attention and intention in order to affect the neuroplasticity of the brain and to recognize unneeded effort. 
                            - Bradley D. Stiffler PhD.
I have found  functional integration to be very helpful to heal stubborn chronic conditions, especially when there is an emotional component related to the injury


                  – Kris Kokay L.Ac.   

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