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Testimonial from Phil Johncock, Consultant, Jean Houston Foundation

Ashland, OR 2016

After a week of stressful packing, handling last minute challenges and days of sitting and driving under tough weather conditions, I needed a body work session. I saw a flyer for a Feldenkrais Practitioner and scheduled an appointment.

My session with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Moondance Forest, was even better than I expected. She was a joy to work with and even fun. My session was relaxing, gentle and easy. My aches and pains seemed to just melt away into the table. I even noticed my posture improve from a 45- minute session. I walked away feeling balanced and stress-free!

Two days ago, I was preparing for an important interview and videotaping session. I felt tired, tight from hours of sitting at the computer, with a sore throat. Instead of soaking at the hot springs to relax or eating comfort food, I thought of Moondance and the Feldenkrais Method. So, I called and set up another session.

Well I went to the interview, alert, energized and with improved concentration, No sore throat, tiredness, or tightness in my body. This allowed me to be fully present.

I look forward to scheduling sessions prior or perhaps during important events in the future!

Thank you Moondance and Feldenkrais

Phil Johncock

Consultant, Jean Houston Foundation

Ashland, OR 2016

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